Adventurers is a Christian organization, similar to the Boy/Girl Scouts, that teaches the youth team work, encouraces creativity, and helps build a strong relationship with God through classwork, awards, and outreach.

Adventurers, ages 6 - 9, has four class levels:  Busy Bee, Sunbeam, Builder, and Helping Hand.  Our club also offers the Little Lamb and Eager Beaver programs so kids ages 4 - 5 may participate too.

Each Adventurer level teaches children through five topics:  Basics, My God, My Self, My Family, and My World.

  • Basics:  Teaches children about the Adventurer club.

  • My God:  Helps children to develop and strengthen their relationship with Jesus.

  • My Self:  Teaches children that they are unique and how to be healthy.

  • My Family: Shows children how to help out at home and be responsible.

  • My World:  Encourages children to enjoy God's creation and to interact with others.

To learn more or join, contact:
Annie Benedetti
Adventurer Director


Adventurer Calendar 2018/2019

Adventurer Information Letter 2018/2019