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Prayer Requests
  • I'm praying that my dad is safe and that I can find a way to communicate with him.
  • Sonya's sister Gabby died on Tuesday.
  • Answered Prayer: Rubin has been transferred from the hospital to rehab for therapy. He is doing much better.
  • Answered Prayer: Dolores received her double transplant, heart and kidney.
  • Betty Lou's chemo and post replacement on Wednesday, may God bless the treatment.
  • Suzanne Cousin III is sick, prayers for quick recovery.
  • San Marcos, Texas is flooding again, in particular, the SDA church has flood damage.
  • Keanna asks for prayers for us after our grandma Starling passed away Thursday.
  • Keanna asks for safe travels for my mom and I as we travel to Florida for my cousin's graduation from the naval academy.
  • Safe travel for my sister.
  • Aaron says to pray, "My best friend's nose has been bleeding for the past six days straight."
  • A mom and dad's bank account was hacked.
  • Thanks and praise for a wonderful church family.
  • Prayers of healing for my friend's sister Nicole as she had surgery recently.
  • The Gray family is asking for special unspoken prayer for their family.
  • Pray for health, spiritual and physical.
  • For Laura
  • For Grady who's struggling with school work.
  • Praying for my niece that has declared expressly that she does not believe in God. She was born in the message.
  • Baby Vincent, two months, has taken a turn for the worse. His parents and extended family are unbelievers and know Vincent is being prayer for, please pray them also.
  • Nancy LaPierre request prayer for close friend's son who died this morning at the age of 34 years from a car accident.
  • Continual healing for Anne Dail.
  • Thanks for God's presence.
  • A prayer that Betty Lou's procedure and treatment will be successful.
  • Prayers for a family who lost their children in an accident this morning.
  • Prayers of thanks for protection of a friend's daughter and boyfriend who were protected during hurricane Patricia.
  • Prayers for friend's grandson Grady. Problems with school work and issues at home.
  • For courage to share my testimony.
  • Pray for son that he will let Christ into his life.
  • For our church members, family, and friends with health issues.
  • Pray for our church that we stay unified and support each other in a loving way.
  • Prayer for the family unit. Satan is attacking family and marriages.
  • My fourth and fifth grade teacher lost his brother last week. He was transporting a prisoner to the hospital and the prisoner got his gun and shot him.
  • My friend Opal and her family.
  • Pray for my brothers and their family to know God.
  • Lord give strength to my friend who is struggling with poor health and financial problems.
  • For Betty Lou to feel better soon.
  • Thanking God for helping students with midterms.
  • Praise for God's protection.

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